🧾 What are the VAT and receipt rules for selling at Rolle as individual?

Last updated Feb 25, 2024

According to Article 39 paragraph 1 case b of the Greek Accounting Standards, individuals who occasionally and as a side job sell products or provide services, are not subject to the Greek Accounting Standards regulations, as long as their total transactions do not exceed the amount of 10,000€ annually.

These individuals are not required, by extension, to issue sales invoices and to keep the books provided by the HAS.

An occasional side activity is characterized, according to ΠΟΛ 1003/2015 (par. 39.1.5), as an activity that is not systematically exercised and is proven by the actual circumstances. Such real circumstances, in particular, are the continuity or not of the exercise of this activity, the existence of a particular professional installation, the existence of special equipment and mechanical means for the provision of these services or the production of goods or the acquisition of goods for resale and, in general, whether the provision of these services or goods, has the characteristics of an organized enterprise.

It is clarified that the incidental sale of personal property (real estate, cars, furniture, etc.) in no case implies obligations in relation to the law for Greek Accounting Standards. ΠΟΛ.1003/2015, {39.1.9}.