⌛ I cannot send the item on time

Last updated Dec 4, 2023

If you’re facing difficulties in shipping an item on time as a seller on Rolle, it’s important to act quickly and responsibly. Here’s your action plan, including what happens if the first pickup attempt fails:

  • Inform Rolle Support: Notify Rolle’s support team about the delay. This keeps them updated about any changes or issues with your order 🤝💬.
  • Second Chance for Shipping: Rolle gives you a second opportunity to ship the item if the first pickup attempt fails. You’ll have an additional 24 hours to arrange for the item to be shipped. This is a crucial window to ensure the order is fulfilled 🔄⏳.
  • Consequences of Second Failure: If you fail to ship the item a second time, the order will be automatically canceled. The buyer will then receive a full refund. This policy is in place to protect the buyer and maintain trust in the Rolle marketplace 🔚💰.
  • Impact on Your Reputation: Repeated delays and failure to ship can lead to negative automated reviews on your seller profile, affecting your standing on Rolle ⭐🚫.
  • Seek Guidance from Customer Support: If you’re unsure about handling the delay or the reshipping process, Rolle’s customer support is there to guide you. They can assist in ensuring you meet the 24-hour reshipping window after a failed first attempt 🆘👍.

Handling shipping delays effectively is crucial for maintaining reliability as a seller on Rolle. Remember, communication with Rolle, along with prompt action, is key to managing these situations and upholding trust in the marketplace. 😊📦