🏦 Adding your withdrawal details

Last updated Dec 3, 2023

When setting up your payment details for withdrawals on Rolle, you can rest assured that your financial information is handled with the utmost security and privacy. Here’s how to add your details, with a focus on the safety measures in place:

  • Log In to Your Rolle Account: First, sign into your Rolle account.
  • Navigate to Payout Settings: Find the section for payout settings. It will be labeled ‘Payments and Payouts’.
  • Enter Your Bank Information via Stripe: You’ll be prompted to add your bank details, such as your IBAN, through Stripe’s secure portal. Stripe is our trusted payment processor, renowned for its robust security measures 🏦🔒.
  • Security and Privacy with Stripe: The key here is that all your sensitive financial information stays safe with Stripe. Rolle does not have access to these details. Stripe uses advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your information, ensuring it remains private and secure 🛡️💻.
  • Save Your Information Securely: After entering your details in Stripe’s secure system, save your information. This enables Stripe to process your payouts directly to your bank account after each successful sale 💾🔄.
  • Updating Your Information: Should your bank details change, you can update them directly through the Stripe portal, maintaining the same level of security and privacy 🔄🔏.
  • Support and Assistance: If you have any questions or need help with adding your withdrawal details, Rolle’s customer support is there to assist. However, remember they won’t have access to your bank details, in line with our privacy policy 🤝📞.

By adding your withdrawal details through Stripe, you’re ensuring a safe, efficient, and secure transaction process. It’s all about keeping your financial data protected while making your selling experience on Rolle smooth and seamless. 😊🛍️