📱📦 Preparing and Packing a device for shipping

Last updated Dec 3, 2023

Got a sale? Awesome! Now let’s get your device ready for its journey to its new home. Preparing your tech for shipping is super important to ensure it arrives safe and sound, and just as described. Here’s your go-to checklist 📋✅:

  • Backup Your Data: First up, save all your important stuff. Back up your photos, contacts, and any other precious data. It’s like packing up memories before a big move 📦💾.
  • Factory Reset: Next, it’s time to wipe the device. Perform a factory reset to erase all your personal information. This ensures the new owner gets a fresh start with the device, and your privacy stays intact 🔐📲.
  • Check for Accessories: Did you mention including a charger, case, or any other accessories in your listing? Make sure all of these are gathered up and ready to go.
  • Safe Packaging: Now, let’s talk about packaging. Wrap your device in bubble wrap or a similar protective material. Then, place it in a sturdy box – you might use the original box if you still have it. This is like giving your device a comfy, secure travel pod for its journey 📦🛡️.
  • Seal and Label: Seal the box securely with tape, and label it if necessary. A well-sealed package is like a trusty suitcase – it keeps everything safe inside during travel 🛄🏷️.
  • Drop Off or Courier Pickup: Depending on Rolle’s shipping setup, either drop the package off at a designated shipping location or arrange for a courier pickup. It’s the final wave goodbye as your tech starts its new adventure 👋🚀.

And there you have it! With these steps, your device is all set for a safe and secure journey to its new owner. Happy shipping! 🌟📫