💸➡️ Receiving payment for sellers

Last updated Feb 12, 2024

Cashing in from your sale on Rolle is as smooth as a swipe on your smartphone! 📲💸 Here’s how it rolls when you make a successful sale:

  • Sale Completion: First up, your sale needs to cross the finish line. Once the the item passes our final checks at the Rolle hub and the buyer receives it, you’re all set for payout 🏁✅.
  • Money in Your Bank Account: Here’s the exciting part! Within just 3-7 days of the sale completion, the money from your sale will appear in your bank account. That’s right – no long waits, no fuss. In just a few days, your hard-earned cash is ready and waiting for you 🏦⏳.
  • Easy and Transparent: We keep the process transparent and straightforward. You’ll know exactly when to expect your payout, and we’ll make sure it’s a smooth ride from Rolle to your bank 🚗💨.

So, when you make a sale on Rolle, rest easy knowing that your payout is just around the corner, quick and hassle-free. Happy selling! 😊💰