👌🏾 Listing quality standards and guidelines

Last updated Dec 4, 2023

At Rolle, we’re committed to ensuring that all listings on our platform are clear, honest, and meet our high standards. This not only helps buyers make informed decisions but also enhances the overall quality of the marketplace. Here’s what you need to know to create a top-notch listing:

  • Accurate Descriptions: Your listing should accurately describe the item you’re selling. This includes specific details about the make, model, condition, any defects, unique features, and history of the item. Misleading or vague descriptions are not allowed 📝🔍.
  • High-Quality Photos: Include clear, high-resolution photos of the actual item being sold. Photos should cover different angles and show any relevant details, especially if there are imperfections or unique aspects. Avoid using stock images or images that don’t accurately represent the current condition of the item 📸🔄.
  • Fair Pricing: Set a realistic and fair price for your item. Consider its condition, market value, and prices of similar items on Rolle. Overpricing or underpricing can lead to mistrust or misunderstandings 💰🏷️.
  • No Prohibited Items: Ensure that your listing does not include prohibited items. Rolle does not allow the sale of illegal, counterfeit, or stolen goods, as well as any items that violate intellectual property rights 🚫📛.
  • Complete and Thorough Information: Include all necessary information that a buyer would need to know. This can include the item’s compatibility, and any remaining warranty ✅📄.
  • Follow Category and Format Guidelines: Place your item in the correct category and follow any specific format guidelines Rolle might have for listings. This helps buyers find your item more easily and improves the overall organization of the platform 🗂️👌.
  • Regular Updates: If there are any changes in the condition or availability of your item, update your listing promptly. Keeping your listing current is crucial for maintaining trust with potential buyers 🔄🆕.
  • Compliance with Rolle’s Policies: Lastly, ensure that your listing complies with all of Rolle’s policies. This includes respecting community guidelines and adhering to ethical selling practices 📜🤝.

By following these quality standards and guidelines, you’ll create listings that stand out for their clarity, honesty, and reliability. Great listings contribute to a positive shopping experience on Rolle and help you build a strong seller reputation. Happy listing! 😊🛒