💵⚙️How selling works

Last updated Feb 12, 2024

Ready to turn your tech treasures into cash? Selling on Rolle is as easy as 1-2-3, and it’s a great way to give your gadgets a new life! Here’s the scoop on how:

  • Set Up Your Account: Kick things off by creating your seller account on Rolle. Fill in your details, add some flair to your profile, and you’re good to go..
  • List Your Device: Snap some clear, honest photos of the tech you want to sell (minimum 5, maximum 8 – the more, the merrier!). Write a detailed description, set your price, and list it on the platform. Be as descriptive as possible – it helps buyers know exactly what they’re getting 📸✍️.
  • Wait for the Magic to Happen: Once your listing is live, buyers from all over can check out your item. When someone decides they just have to have it, you’ll get a notification (email and SMS). 🔔❤️
  • Ship It Off in 24 hours: After you’ve sealed the deal, it’s time to send your gadget on its journey. Pack it up securely, schedule a pickup or drop-off through Rolle’s convenient shipping options, and off it goes! 📦🚚
  • Rolle Checks and Balances: We want everyone to play fair and square. So, we’ll give your item a quick check at our Rolle hub to ensure it matches your listing. Honesty is key in the Rolle community 🕵️‍♂️🔍.
  • Get Paid!: Once everything checks out, the payout is headed your way. Your earnings from the sale will land in your bank account within three days.💰🏦
  • Rinse and Repeat: Sold one item? Why stop there? Keep the sales rolling and your tech circulating. It’s good for your wallet and great for the planet 🌍♻️.

Selling on Rolle isn’t just about making some extra cash; it’s about being part of a community that loves tech as much as you do. So, get those listings ready, and let’s turn your unused gadgets into someone else’s treasures! 💎📲