🔙 Return to sellers when device fails Rolle check-up

Last updated Dec 4, 2023

At Rolle, we take quality and accuracy seriously. If a device you’ve sold fails our check-up at the Rolle hub, here’s how the return process to you, the seller, works:

  • Failure Notification: If the device doesn’t pass our inspection – perhaps due to discrepancies in the listing or issues with the device’s condition – we’ll notify you. This notification will explain why the item failed the check-up and the next steps 📩🔍.
  • Initiating the Return: Rolle will initiate the return of the device to you. This process is typically automatic, and you don’t need to request the return yourself. We handle the logistics of sending the item back 🔄🚚.
  • Shipping Back to Seller: The device will be shipped back to the address you provided in your seller profile. Ensure that your contact details and address are up to date in your Rolle account to avoid any complications with the return process 🏠📦.
  • Covering Return Costs: Depending on the reason for the check-up failure, you might be responsible for the return shipping costs. This is particularly the case if the item significantly differs from the description or is found to be in a different condition than listed 💸📬.
  • Negative Automated Review: Upon a failed check-up, an automated review reflecting the reason for the return might be added to your seller profile. This review helps maintain transparency and trust within the Rolle community ⭐🚫.
  • Learning from the Experience: Use this as an opportunity to adjust your selling practices. Ensuring accurate descriptions and thorough checks of your items before shipping can help prevent future returns and maintain a positive seller reputation 📊🌟.
  • Customer Support: If you have any questions about the return process or need assistance, Rolle’s customer support is available to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out for clarification or guidance 🤝💬.

When a device fails the Rolle check-up, the return process is designed to be as smooth and transparent as possible. Understanding and adhering to Rolle’s quality standards is key to a successful selling experience. 😊🛒