👉👈 Cancelling an order

Last updated Dec 3, 2023

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller on Rolle, it’s important to understand how order requests can be canceled. Here are the key scenarios and steps for canceling an order request:

  • Canceling from the Listing Timeline:
    • As a user, you can directly cancel an order request from your Listing Timeline, which is accessible from your profile. This option is handy if you need to cancel an order due to a change in circumstances or a mistake in the order.
    • To cancel, navigate to the specific listing in your Timeline and look for the option to cancel the order. This should be a straightforward process, typically involving just a few clicks 🖱️📲.
  • Automatic Cancellation After 48 Hours:
    • If an order request goes unanswered for 48 hours, Rolle’s system will automatically cancel it. This policy is in place to keep transactions moving efficiently and to ensure that buyers aren’t left waiting indefinitely for a response ⏳🚫.
  • Cancellation Due to Non-Shipment:
    • If a seller does not ship the item within 2 days of the order being placed, the order will be automatically canceled. This timeframe is crucial for maintaining trust and reliability on the platform, ensuring that buyers receive their purchases in a timely manner 📦⌛.
  • Impact on Reviews: Every time you cancel an order as a seller, an automated review will be posted to your account. This is part of our commitment to maintaining transparency and reliability in the Rolle community 🌟🚫.
  • Rating of Automated Reviews: The automated review you receive will range from 1 to 3 stars, depending on the reason for the cancellation. The system is designed to assess the context of the cancellation and assign a rating accordingly ⭐⭐⭐.
  • Reasons for Cancellation and Ratings:
    • 1-Star Review: This might occur if the cancellation is due to reasons within your control, such as changing your mind about selling or not having the item in stock anymore.
    • 2- or 3-Star Review: Higher ratings are possible for cancellations due to more understandable or unavoidable circumstances, like an accidental listing or an unforeseen personal emergency 🛑🔍.
  • Importance of Communication: If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel an order, it’s crucial to communicate transparently with Rolle. Providing a clear explanation can help mitigate the situation and may be considered in the automated review process 📝💬.
  • Reputation Management: Regularly cancelling orders can affect your reputation as a seller on Rolle. It’s important to manage your listings carefully and ensure that you’re able to fulfill orders to maintain a positive standing in the Rolle community 🏅🛒.
  • Seeking Assistance: If you’re unsure about how to handle a specific situation that might lead to a cancellation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rolle’s support team for guidance. We’re here to help you navigate these scenarios and maintain a successful selling experience 🤝🆘.

Remember, order cancellations should be a last resort. Maintaining a reliable and trustworthy profile on Rolle not only benefits your reputation but also contributes to a better experience for the entire community. 😊🌐