⭐ Reviews

Last updated Feb 8, 2024

Reviews are a big deal on Rolle! They help keep our community honest, transparent, and super user-friendly. Here’s how you can share and read feedback about buying and selling experiences 🌟✍️:

  • Buyer Reviews for Sellers: Made a purchase and loved the experience? Or maybe there’s something we could do better? As a buyer, you have the power to review the seller once your purchase is completed. Go to your Profile > Orders > Past, find the order for which you want to leave a comment and share your thoughts, rate the experience, and help future buyers make informed decisions. Your feedback is invaluable! 📝💬
  • Automated Rolle Reviews: We’re also keeping an eye on things behind the scenes. Sellers receive automated Rolle reviews based on their responsiveness and order handling. How fast a seller replies, whether they accept order requests, and other factors play into these reviews. It’s our way of ensuring high standards and rewarding top-notch sellers 🏆🔄.
  • Public Google or TrustPilot Reviews for Rolle: Fancy sharing your overall experience with Rolle? Everyone is welcome to write a public Google or TrustPilot review. Whether it’s about our platform, the buying process, or any other aspect of Rolle, your opinion matters to us and to others looking to join the Rolle community. Drop your thoughts at Google Business Rolle profile or TrustPilot Rolle profile 🌍📊.
  • Review Rolle from Your Profile: Want an even easier way to rate your Rolle experience? You can leave a review directly from your Profile! Just navigate to ‘Profile > Rate Rolle’ and let us know how we’re doing. This direct line of feedback is super important to us and helps us continuously improve 🚀📲.

Your reviews, both for sellers and about Rolle itself, play a crucial role in building a trustworthy and enjoyable marketplace. So go ahead, share your experiences, and help us make Rolle the best place to buy and sell tech! 🌟📱