🏷️ Rolle fees

Last updated Feb 21, 2024

Safety fees for buyer and seller support Rolle’s continued efforts to ensure the safest, most transparent and convenient interactions possible between sellers and buyers, including background check process of users, review of listings, grading of devices, tracking of shipped items and processing of payments.

Understanding the Rolle safety fee is a breeze! It’s all about keeping transactions smooth and secure for everyone involved. Here’s the breakdown for both buyers and sellers 🧐💰:

For Buyers:

  • Safety Fee: As a buyer, you’ll pay a small safety fee of 1€ plus 9% of the asking price of the item. This fee helps cover the costs of our rigorous quality checks and ensures a safe, reliable buying experience for you 🛡️💶.
  • Shipping Costs: Your shipping cost varies based on your address and preferred shipping method, whether it’s via courier or Box locker. We calculate this to make sure your new tech treasure gets to you safely and swiftly 🚚📦.

For Sellers:

  • Safety Fee: Sellers have a different fee structure. You’ll pay a safety fee of just 2€ plus 2% of the asking price. This helps us maintain the high standards of safety and service on Rolle 🛠️💵.
  • Shipping Costs: Like buyers, your shipping costs are also calculated based on your location and preferred shipping method. We ensure that your sold items reach their new owners safely and on time 🌍📬.
  • Bank Expenses: Here’s something important for sellers to note! Depending on the bank you choose for receiving your payout, you might face additional bank expenses ranging from 2,5€ to 4€. This cost is related to your bank’s policies and is separate from Rolle’s fees 🏦💸.

So, whether you’re buying or selling, Rolle’s fee structure is designed to be transparent and fair, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for everyone. Happy buying and selling! 😊📱