🛵🚚✈️ How shipping works for sellers

Last updated Feb 14, 2024

Shipping on Rolle is designed to be super easy and fast for sellers and buyers 🚀. Once you get an order request for your awesome tech device, you have 24 hours to say “yes” to the request. After you accept it, you just need to schedule a pickup appointment from Rolle’s platform with our cool courier partner or hand over your device to your nearest BoxNow locker.

Let’s break it down:

  • Booking a Pickup Appointment: Just pick a time and place that works for you, and our courier will swing by to grab the phone. It can be your place, your office, or anywhere you like 📍.
  • Courier Pickup and Inspection @ Rolle Hub: The courier will grab the smartphone and take it to the Rolle hub. We’ll give it a thorough check to make sure it matches the description and quality you listed ✅.
  • Shipping Costs: We figure out the shipping cost based on where you live. This amount will be taken from the price of the item. No need to pay anything upfront, we’ll handle it automatically when the sale goes through 💸.
  • Tracking the Shipment: Once the courier has your item, you can keep tabs on it as it makes its way to the buyer. We offer end-to-end tracking, so you’ll always know when it arrives and the sale is a success 📦📍.
  • Payment: After everything is good to go and the item passes inspection at the Rolle hub, the money (asking price minus Rolle safety fee and shipping costs) will be sent straight to your bank account 💰.

This process takes 2-3 days and makes sure that shipping and selling your smartphone is a breeze, giving you and the buyer total peace of mind 😊.

⚡ If you’ve already activated the Instant Buy feature for your listing, it means that you’ve already sent the device to Rolle, it has gone through Rolle’s inspection, and it’s ready to be shipped the minute a buyer completes an order request. This ensures that the device can reach the buyer within 1-2 days and you get the money in your bank account much quicker.