🛵🚚✈️ How delivery works for buyers

Last updated Apr 24, 2024

Getting your hands on a cool tech find from Rolle marketplace is as exciting as it is easy! 🌟 Here’s how it goes:

  • Choose Your Pre-loved Tech device: First things first, browse Rolle to find that perfect pre-loved smartphone or device that catches your eye. Once you’ve found it, hit that ‘I want it’ button to start the magic 📱⌚💻.
  • Payment and Confirmation: After you make the payment, we’ll send a confirmation your way. Good to know: You get a full refund if the seller doesn’t send the item on time or if the item doesn’t pass successfully the Rolle check-up 🎫.
  • Seller Ships the Item: On the other end, the seller will get a notification to ship your new gadget within 24 hours. Our Rolle team works closely with them to make sure everything is smooth sailing ⛵.
  • Item Inspection at Rolle Hub: Before the item gets to you, it makes a pit stop at our Rolle hub. Here, we give it a thorough check to ensure it matches the quality and description listed. We’re all about keeping things top-notch! 🔍
  • On Its Way to You: Once it passes our inspection, the item is packed up and sent out for delivery. You can track its journey right from the Rolle platform, so you’re always in the know 🚚.
  • Item Arrival: The moment you’ve been waiting for! Your new (well, new-to-you) smartphone arrives at your doorstep. It’s time to unbox and enjoy your tech treasure 📦🎉. This step finalizes the sale and releases the payment to the seller 💰.

That’s it! From browsing to unboxing, we aim to make your Rolle experience smooth, fun, and totally hassle-free. Happy tech shopping! 😊