📄 Catalog Rules and Guidelines

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

Our main aim is to ensure that Rolle is a cool and safe platform for buying and selling preloved stuff. To make that happen, we need you to stick to the Catalogue rules and guidelines when you’re uploading your items. Thanks for helping us keep things awesome! 😎👍

Note that these rules are a part of our Terms & Conditions. Upon creating an account on Rolle, you are agreeing to these rules and our Terms & Conditions.

You can sell on Rolle 🟢

  • Smartphones
  • Tech accessories such as headphones, phone cases and similar items if they go with the smartphone listing.

Just a heads up, we might have to double check and make sure certain items are allowed to be listed on Rolle. If we find out that something doesn’t follow our rules, we might remove it—even if we didn’t mention it here.

You cannot sell on Rolle 🔴

  • Counterfeit items
  • Items that would infringe intellectual property rights of their holders
  • Stolen items
  • Locked devices
  • Items that are (otherwise) prohibited by law or regulations
  • Items that do not relate to tech devices

Make sure your listings and items are totally in line with our Catalogue rules and guidelines. If something doesn’t quite comply, other members may flag it for Rolle to review. If that happens, we might have to remove or hide your item, and you could even face some other actions like account suspension or being blocked. So, be sure to check out our Community Standards for more info!

Please note: If you boost a listing which violates our Catalogue Rules and we have to remove or hide the listing, we won’t be able to refund you the cost of the bump.

General Rules 📜

  • You need to upload each of your items separately, under their corresponding category.
  • You should only have one listing per item.
  • All items should have an appropriate item condition assigned to them. In the item description, you should also describe any defect. 
  • A detailed description should also include information about the listed item.
  • Your listing description shall not refer to external websites.
  • It’s forbidden to upload an item that is not available or already sold.
  • The maximum item value allowed on our platform is set by the face value of each item.
  • All listings and other posts related to auctioning or bidding activities are not allowed. When your item’s price is unusually low/high and doesn’t seem to match the real item’s value, the listing may be considered as an auctioned one and be rejected.
  • Set a reasonable price for your item.
  • Battery powered products that transmit heat they must not present material damage such as missing parts.

Requirements for the item’s photos 📷

The pictures used in your listing shall meet the following requirements:

  • They have to represent the item as it is – no image editing is allowed. We also recommend showing any defects, scratches, wear, etc. 
  • They must be sharp and clear. Check out our photo tips.
  • They have to be taken by you with the purpose of using the photos on Rolle.
  • They cannot be replaced with stock photos, photos from ads and watermarked images.
  • The first photo should clearly represent the whole item. You’re free to choose how you want to showcase your item in your additional photos. You can upload up to 8 photos per listing. Please remember to show all items, so members know what they’re buying.
  • They must showcase your item’s authenticity or purchase receipt if exists. In that case, make sure you hide your personal information.

IP Policy 📝

  • It is strictly forbidden to upload counterfeit items to our platform. Counterfeit items usually copy or imitate the trademark (e.g. name of the brand, name of its product and/or logo) of a company without its permission. They may also copy the specific notable features of that company’s product (e.g. the shape of the device). Note: Sale of counterfeit items could expose sellers to civil and criminal proceedings.
  • Members can only upload items which they are sure are authentic. They cannot add a disclaimer to their listing saying they are not sure whether or not the item is authentic.
  • Members must also upload pictures showcasing as clearly as possible their item’s authenticity. 
  • Using other brands which are not related to your item in the brand category, title/description or as a hashtag in your listing is not allowed.

Penalties 👨‍⚖️

When members disregard our Catalogue rules, we may take the following measures:

  • If a reported listing needs some amendments, we make it invisible and we send a message to the member informing them about the actions they need to take. If the member doesn’t take these actions, their item remains hidden.
  • If a reported listing includes a prohibited item, we remove the listing and we send them a message informing about the reason for such removal.
  • If a member uploads repeatedly prohibited items, items of a seemingly commercial nature and all other items which breach our Terms & Conditions and/or Catalogue rules, we can suspend their account (e.g. for a period of 30 days) or even block it definitively depending on the severity of the violation. For more information, please consult our Terms & Conditions.

We reserve the right to change the above-stated rules at our sole discretion without having to notify you thereof in advance. If you have any questions regarding the above-stated rules – contact our team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Note: If you spot an item that does not seem to comply with our above-stated rules, please do not hesitate to report it to us.