⚙️ How it works

Last updated Feb 12, 2024

Welcome to Rolle, the marketplace where pre-loved items find new homes.

If you’re trying to sell your old phone or hunting for a sweet deal on a pre-loved device, Rolle is the perfect place for you. Our platform makes it super easy for buyers and sellers to connect and trade without any hassle.

Buying on Rolle 🛍️ 🌱:

  • Browse and Select: Start by browsing through the vast selection of tech on Rolle. Once you find something you like, you can easily add it to your Favorites on your Rolle Profile or make an order request right on the platform 🛍️📱.
  • Payment and Order Confirmation: After selecting your item, proceed to payment. Your transaction is securely processed, and an order confirmation is sent to you and the seller to accept it within 24 hours. This is where your journey as a buyer begins 🧾💳.
  • Quality Check at Rolle Hub: Before the item is sent to you, it makes a crucial pit stop at the Rolle hub. Here, our experts thoroughly inspect the item to ensure it matches the description and meets our quality standards. This step is vital for ensuring that you receive exactly what you ordered 🔍✅.
  • Direct Delivery to You: Once the item passes inspection at the Rolle hub, it’s shipped directly to you (courier partner of BoxNow). Just sit back, relax, and wait for your new-ish tech to arrive 🚚📦.

Rolle’s got secure payment options to keep everyone safe. Either you prefer paying by card, Paypal, Apple Pay or Google Pay – together with Stripe, our payment provider partner, we’ll handle it with care.

Selling on Rolle 🤑🌱:

  • List Your Item: As a seller, your first step is to list your item on Rolle. Provide a detailed description, upload clear photos, and set your price. Once your listing is live, buyers from across the platform can view and purchase your item 📝📸.
  • Order Notification and Shipping: When a buyer purchases your item, you’ll receive a notification (SMS and email) to accept it within 24 hours. You then ship the item directly to Rolle’s hub. This central step ensures quality and trust in every transaction 📤🚚.
  • Inspection and Payout at Rolle Hub: At the Rolle hub, your item undergoes a detailed inspection to confirm it matches your listing description. Once it passes this check, the sale is considered successful, and Rolle processes your payout. The funds are directly transferred to your bank account, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction 💰🏦.

Buying and selling pre-loved items on Rolle is an awesome experience. Rolle’s unique process, with the Rolle hub as a central point, ensures a high level of trust and satisfaction for both buyers and sellers. Buyers receive items that are verified for quality and authenticity, while sellers enjoy a streamlined process with guaranteed payouts. It’s a win-win for everyone in the Rolle community!

Come join our lively community, where we combine conscious consumption with sustainability.

Happy buying and selling with Rolle! ✨🛍️❤️🌱