🏦 Withdrawing to your bank account

Last updated Dec 3, 2023

As a seller on Rolle, receiving your earnings is as effortless as it gets! When you make a sale, the money goes directly to your bank account. Here’s the smooth and straightforward process:

  • Automatic Payment Transfer: Once your sale is successfully completed, and the buyer has received and confirmed the item, you don’t have to lift a finger to receive your earnings. The payment is automatically transferred to your bank account 🏦💸.
  • Providing Your IBAN: How do we know where to send your money? It’s simple – when you accept an order request, part of the process involves providing your IBAN (International Bank Account Number). This is a unique identifier that helps us securely transfer your earnings directly to your bank account 🔒🔢.
  • Adding or Updating Your IBAN: Haven’t provided your IBAN yet, or need to update it? No problem! You can add or update your IBAN at any time. Just go to your Profile, select ‘Payouts’, and enter your IBAN details there. It’s a one-time setup for all your future sales 📝🔄.
  • No Further Action Needed: Once your IBAN is set up, you’re all good to go. There’s no need to request a withdrawal or perform any additional steps. After a sale, your earnings will be automatically deposited into the bank account linked to your provided IBAN 🚀🌐.
  • Timely Payments: The transfer of your earnings is prompt and efficient. Depending on processing times, it may take 3 days for the funds to appear in your account after a sale is completed ⏳✅.
  • Stay Informed: Rolle will keep you updated on the status of your transaction, so you’ll know when the payment has been processed and is on its way to your account 📧🔔.

Selling on Rolle is designed to be hassle-free, especially when it comes to getting paid. Set up your IBAN once, and enjoy smooth, automatic transfers of your earnings after every successful sale. Happy selling! 😊🛒