⏳ Payment on hold

Last updated May 12, 2024

Noticed that your payment is on hold after making a purchase on Rolle? No need to worry! This is a standard part of our process to ensure a secure and trustworthy transaction for both buyers and sellers. Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes:

  • Payment Security: When you make a purchase, your payment is initially placed on hold. Think of it as Rolle safeguarding your funds while we confirm that everything is in order with your order 🛡️💵.
  • Seller Action: The on-hold status also signals to the seller that it’s their turn to take action – accepting the order request within 24 hours, preparing and shipping the device you’ve purchased to get things moving 🚦📦.
  • Quality Checks: Once the seller ships the item, it will go through a quality check at Rolle’s hub. This is to ensure that the item matches the seller’s description and meets our standards. Your payment stays on hold during this time for your peace of mind 🔍✅.
  • Successful Delivery Confirmation: The item passes any necessary checks and is delivered to you 👍📲.
  • Release of Funds: The payment is released from hold and transferred to the seller. This marks the successful completion of the transaction 💰🔄.
  • Support in Case of Issues: If there are any issues with your order you can reach out to Rolle support. While your payment is on hold, you have the reassurance that your funds are secure while any issues are being resolved 🤝🔧

The on-hold payment process is all about protecting your interests as a buyer and ensuring a fair and secure transaction on Rolle. So when you see your payment on hold, rest assured it’s a sign that we’re looking out for you every step of the way! 😊🛍️