💸 How payouts work?

Last updated May 11, 2024

When you make a purchase on Rolle, a seamless and secure chain of events kicks off, ultimately leading to the seller receiving their payout. Let’s break it down for clarity:

From the Buyer’s Perspective:

  • Placing Your Order: As soon as you find a device you love, you tap the “I want it” button and you proceed to make the payment either with card, or Apple Pay, or Google Pay, or Paypal, or Klarna . This payment is securely processed and held by Rolle until the transaction is confirmed as successful 🛍️💳.
  • Order Confirmation: Once you complete the payment, an order confirmation is sent to both you and the seller. This lets the seller know it’s time to confirm the order request within 24 hours and and ship the item 📩✅.
  • Shipping and Inspection: The device arrives to Rolle hub for a quality check. Rolle verifies that the item matches the listing description and quality standards 🔍📦.
  • Item delivered to Buyer: After the device has successfully passed the Rolle hub tests, it’s delivered to the buyer and the order is successfully completed. At that moment, the payout is released to the seller’s bank account 📦🚪.

From the Seller’s Perspective:

  • Notification of Purchase: The seller is notified as soon as you complete your purchase. They then have 24 hours to accept the order request and ship the item to ensure timely delivery 🚚⏰.
  • Item Verification: Once the item is shipped to Rolle hub and passes the Rolle inspection, the sale is considered successful. This is especially crucial if Rolle acts as an intermediary for quality checks 🕵️‍♂️📱.
  • Receiving the Payout: After the delivery to the buyer and the successful completion of the sale the payout is processed immediately and the funds are transferred to the seller’s bank account. Generally, sellers can expect to receive their funds within 3-7 days after the successful completion of the sale💰🏦.

This process ensures that as a buyer, your payment is secure until you receive your item, and as a seller, you receive your funds promptly after a successful sale. It’s all part of making Rolle a trustworthy and efficient marketplace for tech lovers! 😊📲