🧾 Can I purchase at Rolle with invoice?

Last updated Feb 25, 2024

Yes, you can purchase at Rolle a device that is going to serve professional activity. In that case, a purchase invoice will be issued (for buying a good from an individual) and the total value of the purchase can be recorded as an expese.

According to the Greek legislation (Τελών Χαρτοσήμου) the following apply when a company buys from an individual.

  • If the buyer is a ΑΕ, ΕΠΕ ή ΙΚΕ the stamp is calculated at 2.4%.
  • If the buyer is self-employed or a personal company, namely OE or EE, the stamp is calculated at 3.6%.

The stamp duty in each case is calculated on the acquisition value of the good ( mobile phone or tablet etc. in this case).