📍Updating your profile address

Last updated Dec 3, 2023

Keeping your address up-to-date on Rolle, especially if you’re a seller, is crucial for smooth transactions. It helps buyers gauge the shipping time for an item based on your location. Here’s how to update your address easily:

  • Access Your Profile: Start by logging into your Rolle account. Once you’re in, navigate to your profile. This is your personal space where you can manage all your account details 🖥️👤.
  • Go to Personal Info: In your profile, look for a section or tab labeled ‘Personal Info’ or something similar. This is where Rolle stores your basic information, including your address 📝🏠.
  • Update Your Address: Within the ‘Personal Info’ section, you’ll find your current address details. Here, you can edit and update your address. Make sure to enter your new address accurately, paying special attention to details like city, zip code, and street name 🏙️📬.
  • Save the Changes: After you’ve entered your new address, don’t forget to save the changes. This step is essential to ensure your updated address is recorded in Rolle’s system 💾✅.
  • Importance for Sellers: If you’re a seller, keeping your city updated is particularly important. Buyers often consider the seller’s city to estimate delivery times. An accurate city listing helps set the right expectations for shipping duration 🚚⏰.
  • Regular Updates: Remember to update your address whenever you move or if there’s a change in your shipping location. Keeping your address current helps maintain trust and transparency with buyers and ensures a smooth transaction process 🔄🌐.

Updating your profile address on Rolle is a simple yet significant step in managing your account, especially for sellers. It not only aids in accurate shipping estimations but also enhances the overall trustworthiness and efficiency of your transactions on Rolle. 😊🛍️