👤 Managing your profile details

Last updated Jul 12, 2023

So, you wanna tweak your profile info? Here’s how:

  • Look for your profile icon, it’s up in the top right corner.
  • Hit on “My Profile” to View Profile info.
  • Make any edits you want, and then hit “Update profile“.

Hey, but what about privacy? Are your info gonna be out there for everyone to see?

🔒Don’t worry, your real name, address, email, phone number, birth date, and payment info are all hidden from other members. Only the Rolle team can see those.

As for your public profile, here’s what other members can check out:
👤 Your username
🖼️ Your profile pic
✅ Your verifications
🌆 Your city
📦 Any items you’ve listed (past or present)
⭐ Your reviews

Your privacy matters to us! Feel secure on Rolle.