📞 Phone number verification not working

Last updated Aug 28, 2023

Hey, sorry to hear you’re having trouble verifying your phone number. Here are some reasons why verification can fail and how to solve them.

Same number already in use on Rolle

Oops, looks like your phone number is already being used on another Rolle account. No worries though, just delete any duplicate accounts and keep only one.

With duplicate accounts, follow these steps to verify your phone number:

  • Delete your old account
  • Contact us and send us your number with its international code in the message

We’ll reset the verification for that number, and you’ll be good to go!

Need to update your old phone number that you no longer use?

If you’ve already verified a different phone number on your Rolle account, you can change your phone number and use the new one instead.

Typos when entering a phone number or code

Make sure you’ve entered your phone number correctly and you have selected the right country code. If you made a mistake when entering the code, just press Request code and try again.

You’ve entered an invalid phone number too many times

Looks like you’ve entered an invalid phone number too many times. No worries, verification will be disabled for a couple of hours. Just double check that you’re providing the correct phone number and try again later.

Connecting or dealing with technical issues

  • Make sure your phone’s got a solid signal and is connected to the internet
  • Give your phone a good old restart and pop that SIM card back in

Oops, looks like none of the options above worked!

No worries, just hit the button below to contact us and send over:

  • A screenshot of the pesky error message you’re seeing
  • Your phone number (don’t forget the international code!)

We’ll dive into this issue and get back to you ASAP.

Don’t worry, we got you covered! We always handle your info with care and we won’t be sharing your phone number or using it for anything other than what we’ve described in our Privacy Policy.