🌈 Rolle community standards

Last updated Jul 17, 2023

The Rolle Community Standards are all about keeping Rolle a friendly online community for all members. If you ever come across anything that shouldn’t be on Rolle or feel uncomfortable, please don’t hesitate to report it to our team.

Check out our Community Standards for a positive experience while shopping for pre-loved items.

Safety First 🛡️

We take personal and platform security seriously at Rolle, as outlined in our Trust and Safety policies.

For your own safety, we recommend:

  • Not sharing private information in review comments and item descriptions, like full names, addresses, phone numbers, or bank details.
  • Not buying items from Rolle members outside the Rolle secure payment system with security fees.
  • Not sharing pictures of yourself or others using the item you’re selling with their face visible.

Before making a deal, check out the member’s profile to see feedback from other members – so you know what you’re in for.

No Hate Speech or Discrimination 🛡️

At Rolle, we’re committed to making sure you’re protected while connecting with the community. We welcome people of all backgrounds to buy, sell, and exchange their goods.

We don’t tolerate any discrimination or hate speech towards others, including but not limited to their race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, religious affiliation, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or serious illness.

If a member violates our community standards, we may temporarily or permanently block their account.

If you notice members engaging in inappropriate activities, such as posting insulting reviews, harassing other members, or acting suspicious, please report it to us. We’ll look into it and take action to resolve the issue.

Also, we don’t allow any support, encouragement, or praise of terrorism to prevent potential offline harm. Any content related to terrorist activities, organized violence, or hate groups will be removed by Rolle. If you think an act of crime is being organized on Rolle, please report it to our support team.

Sexual exploitation & Nudity 🛡️

We ask our members not to post anything vulgar, pornographic, or obscene. We have zero tolerance when it comes to communicating in sexually explicit manner towards anyone on Rolle. Pornography, sexually explicit content or language, or any other type of content that displays or advocates for sexual acts will be removed by Rolle. If someone attempts displays nudity or sexual imagery in a listing message, please report it to our support team.

Prohibited items 🛡️

We seek to ensure member safety when selling and buying, by encouraging everyone to: 

  • Get familiar with prohibited items on our Catalogue Rules and make sure your listings and items comply with the rules.
  • Report sellers who list prohibited items.

If we discover that certain items violate our terms or pose any risk to our members, we may have to remove those items even if they’re not included in our Catalogue Rules list.

Authenticity 🛡️

We also want to make sure that everyone stays safe while selling and buying on Rolle. That’s why we have a few rules to ensure that prohibited items don’t make their way onto the platform. Be sure to check out our Catalogue Rules to make sure your listings are compliant. And if you see any sellers listing prohibited items, please report them to us.

We’re also all about authenticity here. We don’t allow replicas, counterfeits, or fake branded products. That’s just not cool. We want everyone to have an original experience on Rolle, so please make sure your items are authentic. If we find any replicas or counterfeit items, we’ll have to remove them from the platform.

We know these rules might seem strict, but they’re in place to keep everyone safe and happy. So if you ever see anything that shouldn’t be on Rolle, please report it to our team.

We’re all about kindness and respect here, so let’s make sure we’re all having a positive experience. 🚀🤝🌟