Early thoughts on World of Wacraft: Legion

I’ve just started playing Legion, I waited a few weeks from release date to not experience the same thing as in Warlords of Draenor – frustration because of unstable servers and overpopulated quest objectives. Now, a few weeks later the questing areas are only populated by a handful of players which is perfect for enjoying the lore and completing your quests without standing around and waiting for monster to respawn.

This expansions I have decided to closely follow the lore. Ever since vanilla my experience with quests was limited to clicking on NPC, quickly taking accept, looking at the map, doing whatever had to be done and turning it back in. Everything as quick as possible, without too much thought or reading involved. This time however I want to follow the game lore closely, by reading all quests and NPC dialogs, listening to their voice queues and reading the vanity items like books that I stumble upon. I have to say it has made my experience much more deep and immersive.¬†I was afraid that this kind of gameplay would effectively double the time required to level, however I haven’t really noticed that at all. In fact, I think I have leveled quite quickly in this expansion considering my gear, spec and no prior knowledge of Legion.

I think overall the story has been pretty good. Sometimes the quests feel a bit “forced”, like they are placeholders in order to just allow you to get the “XP quota” of the area so you can level up and progress further. Those kind of quests are usually present when you are to receive more than 1 quest from a NPC. I don’t know why, was there a lack of creativity there?

screenshot_20160912-120726My main stays Holy Priest. This has been my main character since WotLK and it was most progress I have done with her then. She has been pretty much abandoned during Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, but with recent changes to Priest class I am really happy to bring her back and focus on progressing the content with her. I have chosen Holy spec for leveling mostly due to how the artifact works. I know that I will be playing only Holy after I am 110, therefore I wanted to make as much progress as possible for my artifact. Leveling as Holy is a huge pain though, you effectively only have three spells and after a few hours of spamming Smite it gets tedious. Fortunately thanks to my class hall I was able to get a shadow priest guardian and that guy helps A TON. It no longer takes me 30 seconds to kill one mob.

The areas I have cleared completely so far are Stormheim and Azsuna. I enjoyed both a lot, I also liked the fact that you must complete a dungeon present in that zone in order to finish off the area completely. It gives a feeling of closure and accomplishment, from start to finish you know what your goal are and there is no better way than to achieve it by killing the final boss in a dungeon. I have currently just started on quests in Highmountain and I am level 108 already, which means that I will probably reach 110 before I have even started on the last zone left – Val’Sharah.

I am still level 108 so I haven’t completed the entire content yet, but I hope to get there tomorrow. Once I’m settled in and have completed all quests within Broken Isles I will give a proper review of the content and lore.

See you then!